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New Conservatives of the Midatlantic

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What is the NCA?

The NCA is a Christian fraternal organization based upon the idea we should promote and protect traditional Christian values in America and foster a God fearing and respecting culture and system of governance. We accept Christians of all denominations so long as they have no nasty criminal record or other negative traits which would inhibit their ability to be good Christians and representatives and protectors of our community. We believe firmly in rights bestowed upon us by God, which are inalienable and may not be touched by the state or any organization and cannot be justified or defined concretely by any secular means, without God, there is no objective morality, without objective morality, there are no rights. What do we do? - Study scriptures and church history - Study and discuss philosophy and law - Emphasize physical and mental fitness - Provide a support network for brothers - Train to defend our community from any aggressors - Share useful skills and ideas to build upon ourselves - Evangelize the faith at every opportunity - Educate others to our way of thinking - Assist and clean our communities and advocate for environmentalism - Seek partnership with and encourage small business And much more is planned, and in the works, we seek to work closely with other Christian organizations or notable individuals to create a cohesive socio-political Bloc which is capable of tangibly defending and protecting our community and our interest within the United States. It is through the strength of brothers united in Christ that great nations are born and maintained.

States the Midatlantic Chapter is active in:

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